Monday, February 07, 2011

tada! We're still alive.

Well it's been almost a year so...yeah I'm not going to even try covering that but here's some pics of the baby buddies. We're all doing very well. It's so nice to have them playing together all the time and getting along so well

Josh seems to have figured out he's a boy so I get 'shot' with just about everything (who knew a bowl could be turned into a gun) My favorite part about it is he doesn't make a shooting noise, he simply points whatever object he's holding in your direction and says "Shoot shoot. Shoot shoot." But he's still in touch with his feminine side dressing up in princess dresses, putting babies to bed, choosing pink clothes and wearing tutus. Love it all. And now he's old enough to tell his mom what to do. Now I'm being bossed around by 2 kids. Very humbling. "No mama you stop that. Sop (stop) Singing." "Mama thass my seat. MY seat" etc. etc. If it weren't so adorable... but it is.

Jane is loving preschool and swimming right now (well she loves preschool and I love her swimming). She narrates her life in song ("I'm walking to the room but I'm going sloooooooowly but I'm not now and I've got tieeeyights OOOOONNNNNN....." not highly interesting but comical nonetheless) and every once in a while she adds moves from the dance class she took, which incidentally was one of the cutest things I've seen. I loved being educated on the differences between sashay and sotay (i don't have any idea how to spell those or, incidentally, what they are) She is very entertaining and talkative. So very talkative and sweet and sometimes like a teenager. Always good for a hug.

so pictures

sideways I know. i'm lazy.

Daddy takes them fishing.

'huggies' best big sister ever.

One of Josh's first real tantrums. It didn't last long but I love the theatrics.

"thanks for my birthday cake. It's so tasty that I don't mind the allergic reaction I'm going to have since my mom didn't realize frosting contains eggs. Happy Birthday to me"

We had to take away the bam bam's bat :)

And sometimes it's nice to look back. getting all sentimental but seriously I love these babies.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Jane was trying on summer clothes for our San Diego trip. Josh did not want to be left out.

Here is Josh with Jane's clothes (that he begged for)

here is josh after I made him give the pants back. Notice he still had the pink/multi boxers on.

Here is josh when I gave him the pants back and a pair of pajama shorts to boot. Needless to say, he was happy.

and others. The boy likes to dress up. What can you say

And jane likes it too. She wore that hat to preschool one day even.

Jane's latest hobby (below) is "tienail polish". You can't see the bright pink polish OR hello kitty stars, hearts and lightning bolts but they are there. She LOVES painting her nails and does it often with mom and especially with the babysitter (we've had blue, green, pink, purple so far. Right now it's pink with purple polka dots). We won't answer as to whether her mom does or does not have hello kitty pink toes right now.

Last week Jane said : "Mama josh is my best friend". Precious.

So here are the little buddies...

This is what josh does whenever Jane is upset or just laying down or if he hurts her. I'm not sure it's a good sign that he already knows how to say sorry (and when it's appropriate) but I'll take it.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

2 weeks ago-

Jane: "Mom I want to sell my pink dollhouse so I can get a big one with stairs like the one at costco"

Ohh my little ebayby. Luckily we had already started building one.

After upwards of 40 man(/woman) hours and many late nights we have our Crap n' Scrap dollhouse for Jane complete with bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen , attic, and coming soon - petshop, preschool and possibly grocery store if I don't shoot myself first (not to mention the spiral staircase. kudos to dan). We call it "Crap n' Scrap" because it's built almost entirely from crap around the house and scrap wood (including broken bowls, old lotion containers, useless toys and old fabric). Only new stuff are the knobs, attic dresser, wall paper and the flower pot table stands and lamp shades.

My worst fear was she would look at and say "but Mooooooom I wanted the one from costco." Luckily she loved the one she had

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Amber:"Jane do you want to go see the Nutcracker ballet?"
Jane: "Yeah mom. I want to go. But I want you to do it."
Amber:"You know mama has a lot of strengths but Ballet just isn't one of them. I don't know how to do that."
Jane: "Oh you just lift up one foot and put it underneath you"

Yesterday we told Jane about Santa Claus in the only way I could do it. For some reason I haven't been able to just tell her he's real. I've tried -- and I should add a don't have any issue with people doing it. I love it as a kid. I just can't.-- So anyway I told her a whole story about Father Nicholas giving presents to the kids for Christmas. And how they made him a Saint. And then "So the story goes that Saint Nicholas lived on and on Christmas Eve goes into the children's houses and gives them presents"
Jane: "Santa Claus?"
Dan: "Yes and he comes down your chimney.
Jane: "WHAT?" -- with an "are you kidding me" disbelieving tone
Dan: Yeah and comes in a sleigh with reindeer. Do you know what reindeer are?"
Jane: "Yes."
Dan: "and the reindeer fly"
Jane: "Reindeer Don't fly"
Amber: "They do in stories."
Jane: "WHAT?"


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Toddler Slang --

On the way to preschool the other day Jane called from the back seat. "Hey mom we're going to preese. That's what I'm calling preschool. It's preese. Let's go to preese mom"

Other recently created by jane nicknames/slang terms of note?
Mac'n -- Macaroni n' cheese
Airp -- an airplane flying over head.

If she starts referring to her grandparents as papa-g and g'ma I'll be worried.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Family fishing at horning's hideaway (hideout maybe?). It's a pond with a park and loads of peacocks walking around -- seriously like 30 just walking all over the place.
That's Jane's very first pole (yes it is a push button dora pole). She loved it--almost as much as her daddy. We have a video which I will try to load but I don't know if it will work. Sadly we didn't get any still pics of her fishing. Josh liked it too -- he enjoyed crawling around in the mud and climbing the hill and generally being far too close to the water.

Halloween breakfast this morning. The hat, top and baby carrier were all mine as a kid. Jane was pretty excited about that.

stay tuned for Trunk or Treat and Disney on Ice (yes you read that right) pictures!